NPHA Terms

The National Predator Hunters Association discussion forums are intended to be a friendly and family oriented atmosphere where our members and guests may gather. To help us accomplish this goal, please adhere to the guidelines set forth below as you participate in these forums. Please contact us at if you have any comments, questions or concerns about the content of this document.

First and foremost, a quick point of clarification. Registering on this discussion forum does NOT create an annual NPHA Membership. Registering on this forum grants you access to public forums as a “Forum Contributor”. We hope that as a like-minded sportsman you’ll consider joining our organization, but it is not required for participation in the public NPHA forums.

NPHA Members may access the exclusive “Member’s Only” Forums where they’ll enjoy various contests, drawings, newsletters and updates on numerous NPHA public events. If you are an NPHA member, after setting up a “Forum Contributor” account please send an email to including your full name and/or NPHA membership number along with your forum screen name. The Admin will then grant you permission to the Member’s Only forum by upgrading your “Forum Contributor” status to “NPHA Member”.

Important Guidelines For Posting:

1. OTHER MEMBERS- No flaming or personal attacks will be tolerated. If you disagree with someone, feel free to debate the issues based on facts in an intelligent manner. If it becomes personal, take it to private message in an attempt to solve the issue. This does not allow you to harass the other member via PM or e-mail. If the other party does not wish to discuss it, let it go.

2. STAFF- Do not “Call Out” a staff member on the open forum. It will be removed and you will come in for discussion. The Staff are volunteers, donating their time so you the member can have a friendly atmosphere to post your stories and experiences. You may not agree with all their decisions, but they have been chosen due to their ability to show good judgment in the past and a sensible demeanor. You do have recourse-Simply e-mail or PM another staff member or an administrator. It will be looked into.

3. SPONSORS- It is very important to understand that paid sponsors of the forums have invested in the future of our community. You may or may not like their product, but by logging in here- you’re enjoying a service they’ve helped NPHA provide you with. Please give our sponsors the respect they deserve; and do not belittle our forums into an avenue in which you promote your favorite products or bash your least favorites. The NPHA staff has been around long enough to decipher constructive discussion from a campaign speech.

4. CONTENT- Quite simply, please keep in mind that the NPHA forums are a window in which the world may view our Association, it’s members and it’s guests. Anti-Hunters, Non-Hunters, Potential-Sponsors and your grandmother may be watching.

FOUL LANGUAGE- Cursing will not be tolerated. There are a few colorful words that we may let slide, but their over use will result in them being put into the censor.

SEXUAL CONTENT- Keep the pictures and comments “G” rated. We encourage our children and youth to join in here.

RACISM of any kind will not be tolerated The other members here may be of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds and should be respected as such.

GRAPHIC, gory pictures should not be posted. We all know how much damage a high velocity bullet can do to flesh and bone.

5.OTHER FORUMS- The NPHA and it’s staff are fully aware that thousands of other discussion forums exists. Many of our guests here will be regularly visiting other forums. If you do not like the rules or atmosphere on another forum, take it up with them. Do not bring it here. Likewise, if you have issues with individuals from other places please resolve them somewhere other than our discussion forums.

6. COPYWRIGHT INFRINGEMENTS- When cutting materials from another location, and placing them on the NPHA discussion forums, please accurately cite the source and it’s author or owner.

7. TOPICS- Please keep discussion topics appropriate for the forum in which you are posting. In time, we hope to expand our forums to include new sections as required. If you have questions about where a topic may belong, please contact a moderator. We ask that you do not cross-post the same topic in multiple forums. Occasionally a moderator will move a topic from one forum and place it in another forum that better fits the discussions intention- in this case the moderator will attempt to contact the poster and notify him of the move.

8. STAFF & BUSINESSES- If you are a member of a field staff, pro staff, or any other business venture please feel free to participate in the discussions. NPHA Sponsorship is not required for your company to participate here in an advisory and casual manor. If we feel you are subverting the chance to sponsor this site by spamming the board with post we will ask you to reconsider your approach. We request that all associates, sponsors and non-sponsors alike, have in their signature lines their real name and the company they represent. You are accountable for your behavior on these forums, as are the companies that chose you to portray their products in public places such as the NPHA forums.

9. ORGANIZATION- The National Predator Hunters Association, it’s officers, and it’s Board of Directors work diligently to appropriate the funds and resources required to run this discussion forum. Sponsors play a significant role in funding; the Staff plays a vital role in the quality of atmosphere created here. By participating here, as an NPHA Member or as a Forum Contributor, you are exercising a privilege granted to you by the NPHA. Please honor these wishes, as set forth by the NPHA in this document, so that we may enjoy the privilege of your company.

10. Organized Events- Only NPHA Sanctioned Events may be advertised in the forums. To qualify for NPHA Sanctioning, the organizer of an event must be an NPHA member. Also, NPHA Membership Brochures must be provided to each participant during the event. To learn more about having your local predator hunt or gathering Sanctioned by the NPHA please contact us at Any events that do not appear on the “NPHA EVENTS” page are prohibited from being advertised on the forums.

11. Signature Lines- All signature lines are subject to the review of NPHA’s staff. Inappropriate language, images or otherwise distracting signatures are prohibited. Hot Links, aka Live Links, are a privilege granted by the NPHA. This privilege is reserved for sponsoring companies and/or active members that support the organization and its mission statement. If you would like to have a live link in your signature line please contact a member of the Forum Staff. Unapproved links or otherwise inappropriate content in a user’s signature line may be removed by our staff.


Please realize that this discussion forum operates in real time, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and it’s manned by a staff of volunteers. We will miss some things and at times there will be a delay in our response to handling a situation. We hope that blatant mistakes are rare- but we know they will be made on our part and yours. Constructive criticism is good for a relationship when taken through the proper channels.

If you have comments, questions or concerns about the content of the site please contact the appropriate moderator. If you have concerns about a moderator or moderation practices, please contact an Administrator. If you have concerns about an Administrator or the organization in general please contact an officer of the National Predator Hunters Association at 1-877-663-4695. There are clear avenues in which you may communicate your NPHA concerns in a professional and private manor; any use of discussion forums or public grandstanding to vent those concerns will compromise the effectiveness of our mediation. If we have issues with any member of the staff, sponsors, forum contributors or membership we will take it directly to them. We ask the same common decency in return.