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Donation to NPHA

The National Predator Hunters Association is a federally approved 501c3 charitable organization.  The NPHA’s mission is to unite predator callers through education and advocacy, while promoting the camaraderie of organized events.  Your financial contribution to this organization goes to support the future of predator calling, its resources and the greater public good of responsible predator management and hunting practices.  By choosing a monetary value below, you can use our secure server to donate funds to the NPHA’s general fund.  You will receive an electronic receipt that verifies your contribution was made: authenticating the total and the date of submittal.  Keep this document for your personal records as donations made to the National Predator Hunters Association are tax deductible on your Federal Income taxes.


To learn more about tax deductions as they pertain to charity donations please visit the Internal Revenue Service website. www.irs.gov   Please use the pull-down tab below to designate your contribution.  Notice you may donate multiple amounts, which will more accurately round your total to the desired level.  Example: To donate $25, select one $20 donation and one $5 donation.

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