About NPHA

Thank you for your interest in the National Predator Hunters Association, we hope you’ll read this information and find an interest in getting involved in this organization!

The NPHA is a non-profit organization, founded by sportsmen that saw a need for such an establishment in the industry. Quite literally, thousands of volunteer hours have gone into the design and creation of the National Predator Hunters Association and it’s subsidiaries in recent years.

Likewise, the future of this organization rests in the hands of those who are willing to volunteer their time, sponsor their products, or otherwise contribute to the growth and viability of the NPHA. With your support, we believe the NPHA will grow into an honorable institution like other national organizations including NRA, NWTF and DU.

So, how can you get involved?

The simplest way a member can help the NPHA is by offering up their vocal support to family, friends and hunting buddies. Get the word out that a National Predator Hunters Association has been formed, and represent us well in all that you do.

For more committed members, we’d love to provide you with promotional tools like banners and brochures. These may be shared with local sports shops, gun stores or fur dealers. We’re very much a “grass roots” organization, and we believe by contacting the average sportsman we'll be sucessful in our goals. As a dedicated member you can help us reach those folks on a daily basis!

One of the most popular and extremely helpful ways to support the NPHA is by offering up your volunteer efforts. You may be a skilled computer graphics artist, an outdoor columnist, or a decent coyote skinner: regardless: we certainly have a need for your assistance somewhere! Filling these various needs with voluntary efforts allows us to accomplish more goals with less funding. If an NPHA event is being held in your area, we’d greatly appreciate your help in setting up, tearing down, and otherwise making the event run smoothly. Manpower is an incredible tool; we hope a network of volunteers will make the NPHA an extremely strong organization! Remember, we’re covered up with daily inter-office business as well, so please let us know if you can be of any assistance.

For companies or organizations that wish to support the National Predator Hunters Association we offer various commitment packages. Your company can have a great impact in our success whether you’re looking to invest in NPHA’s advertising rates, donate to an event, or promote the organization by distributing brochures. Contact us today to see how we can form a mutually beneficial partnership!

If you’re interested in getting involved in the National Predator Hunters Association and its future, please contact us today!

Phone: 1-877-ONE-HOWL

Email Us: GetInvolved@TheNPHA.com