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A day in the out doors submitted on September,07 2009


OK, here is were I will start, I was asked if  I would be interested in being a blogger for this new nonprofit venture in the predator hunting industry called THE NPHA. My name is Ernest Wilson and my friends call me Ernie. So you may call me that also. I thought about this blogging for a day or two and called my son Ernie, by the way Ernie is the second of three Ernie's in my family if you count my grandson. I was named after my dad's brother that was killed in WW 2. So out of respect that name is now 4 generations in my family and carried proudly. Anyhow Ernie my son is my main person I turn to in just about any thing I do on this internet. I asked him what he thought about me doing this blog thing, he said it could be fun for me but was concerned that I may not have enough time to devote to this blogging thing. Well that is was why I called him; he tells it straight up and always looks out for me.  So I am not going to make a big commitment and say that I am going to make a bunch of blogs. But I will try and make the ones I do as informative as possible and maybe we all can learn something new to help you and I enjoy the out doors a little more.

Here is just a little back ground on me. I am just a man, I believe in God and ask him for forgiveness for all the things I do wrong in my life and try to bless others even though it is hard at times. I am 56 years old and grew up in the country in a place called Safe Harbor Pennsylvania.  To let you know how country I was when my wife said to her Dad she would like to go out with me he said to my wife that I was a hillbilly and are you sure you want to date him. I met her in 1969 when and I was 16 years old and she is still with this hick today and I love her just as much today and it is 40 years later. She must love me because of hunting I was not home for the first 35 years of our anniversary and understands my love of the outdoors not just the hunting.

So since this is a blog I will start from this week. This first blog is a little long and might be a little boring to some but it just as it happens some times. I took one of my grand kids that's 13 years old dove hunting Saturday. His dad could not take him because his wife had cancer surgery on Thursday. Anyhow dove hunting was real slow, there were no fields cut were I have permission to hunt. They just were not flying any were we hunted and he and I was getting bored so we went a got something to eat.

 After eating we went crow hunting and set up on the first of three stands that day. I did not carry a gun because I wanted him to get all the shooting he could. Well the first stand we set up on was a stand that has produced in the past for me but nothing this time except for a buzzard that came in looking for a free meal. On this stand I was playing dying crow about ¾ volume on a FoxPro call. Hunting was turning out to be a bad day so far for me and this young guy. So I thought I better have more luck or this kid might never hunt again, and it would be my entire fault!! LOL

 This young boy has had fun hunting before for turkey, pheasant dove and deer so he will not really quit but I felt bad for him. Well on to the second stand. This stand we set up in standing corn just off the woods line about 30 yards from the trees at the top of the hill. We started out playing dying crow again at about ¾ volume.  Yaaaawhooo crows were on us in 10 seconds. This is what I looking for crows everywhere and him being so excited and confused it was great! He would look right and they would buzz him on the left. He would look left and they would be on right or flying right over his head. He is still young and can not anticipate were to look even when a crow is cawing before it would ever show up over the trees or corn. I would try and point his body in the right direction but that was about all I could do. Needless to say shots were fired and no crows on the ground but a happy kid and I no longer felt under pressure.

Well on the third stand I sent him out to the edge of the power line on top of another hill right in the tree line and I stood behind him. I put the caller just a little away from us in a bush on the power line and did the dying crow thing again at about ¾ volumes. Again in 10 seconds here come crows. The first wave had about 15 crows heading straight for us and he started shooting when they were pretty close. No crow on the ground again but shots fired. They left and went in to the woods out of sight and would just make a bunch of noise and not move. So I thought I would try another sound and see what they would do. So I tried Crow fight at full volume and here they come again and he shoots again and they cam right into the trees he was standing under and landed in the tops and still no crows on the ground. He did point out that he hit one pretty good but still flew off. He said he hit it twice and I asked how he knew he hit it twice. His reply was he aimed just like he did the first time he hit it. I can not dispute that answer. He was happy and so was I, sometimes you do not have to kill to have a good day.

He then said after we were driving out can we go shoot 22s?  I said gladly lets go

The rest of the day we spent at Southern Lancaster Sportsman Club shooting 22s at targets. He bet me he could shoot a clay target at 25 yards with less the three shot. The bet was if he did it he would win another box of 22 shells. Well needless to say, best box of shells I purchased in a long time. Great way to end a day hunting.

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A day in the out doors submitted on September, 07, 2009