About NPHA


The National Predator Hunters Association prides itself in it's staff, members and supportive partners across the United States. As this grassroots campaign continues to reach sportsmen from coast to coast, we'll share some memorable quotes from NPHA supporters below!


I commend Jason Bruce and his partners on forming the National Predator Hunter’s Association.  Their goal of education and activism concerning predator hunting is essential as predator hunting grows in popularity.  Predator hunting is an important tool in management of our big game populations across North America.  The NPHA will play a critical role in ensuring predator hunting not only continues, but is conducted appropriately. 

Steve Decker, Director of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation


I want the best for the sport and it needs to be done on a National level in today's world. I'll always do anything I can to support the National Predator Hunters and I hope it does well.

Danny Batastini , Founder & Life Member of the High Desert Chapter #18 of the CSVCA and Founder & Life Member of the New Mexico Predator Callers.


The NPHA appears to be a group that works well with all the other hunting and trapping organizations. I've heard nothing but good things about this organization and I believe it will do very well. They're doing the right thing in working with other groups and building a strong foundation for their own future growth. Well structured group!

Tim Julien, Founder and 12 term President of National Wildlife Control Operators Association


The NPHA is a going to be a real good thing for callers. It sounds like they've got some great people and great ideas. I'll do anything I can to help them because it will be better for all of us in the long run.

Chick Andres, President of Fur Takers of America


The NPHA is a solid group of pro-active sportsmen with some good goals and vision. They have a good base of support and knowledge coming in from the various national hunting and trapping groups. Starting a National club in today's world isn't easy but the NPHA is getting it done right. I'm glad to do anything I can to help them succeed.

Doyle Flory, Hall of Fame Trapper, Former NIFF & ISTA President, Life Member of ISTA, OSTA, NTA, NRA


We're all in this together. I'm glad the callers have a national group that understands that. I'll do anything I can to help the NPHA.

Don Miller, President of Nebraska Fur Harvesters


It's not going to happen over night, a lot of work goes into an organization like this but its good to see things starting off on the right foot. Working with these groups is a good thing and the timing is right for a group like this.

Bill Countess, Director of World Coyote Calling Championship


I think it's definitely time for predator hunters to have a strong organization like NPHA to represent them on a National level. The National Predator Hunters Association has my full support and backing!

Tim Rose, Fur Takers of America Governing Board Chairman