About NPHA

The National Predator Hunters Association is a non-profit organization developed to unite predator callers through education and advocacy, while promoting the camaraderie of organized events. 

Predator hunting is a challenging and increasingly popular hobby in America.  Unfortunately many once popular aspects of our hunting and trapping heritages have become less active in recent years with a decreasing recruitment of new participants and increased regulation.   Predator calling is unique, in that it has spread across the country like wildfire with increasing predator populations, fairly accessible land to hunt and relaxed regulations.  Where will it all go from here?  Is ours a viable pastime without any structure or advocacy long term at http://passhairfollicledrugtest.com?

The National Predator Hunters Association has been developed by a cross section of forward thinking staff and well-seasoned advisors to address these concerns with http://aloeridshampoo.com.  The combined NPHA staff represents former founders and leaders of honorable calling, trapping and hunting organizations coupled with the developers of some of today's popular non-profit websites and hunting events.   With a solid lesson in history and a sharp eye on its future, the NPHA steps forward to address tomorrow's predator hunting issues and opportunities with your support!  Guidance and input from advisors within upstanding organizations like RMEF, NTA, FTA and NRA have tempered the core of the National Predator Hunters Association for long term strength and viability in today's ever-changing society.

This ground breaking group will promote camaraderie amongst sportsmen throughout the country in an effort to sustain our hobby and its resources.  The NPHA has organized and affiliated with several established hunting, calling, shooting and educational gatherings scheduled throughout the country and continues to search for more!  These fun and safe events will bring sportsmen together to celebrate their heritage and enjoy their hobby.  Please watch for NPHA sanctioned events or NPHA Benefit events scheduled for your area this season in our "EVENTS" page!

The NPHA will make updates to this webpage as pertinent information becomes available.   Members may also stay abreast of NPHA business through our newsletter scheduled to begin circulation in early 2010.  Please feel free to contact the office directly at your convenience with any questions or comments you may have!   Thanks for your interest in the National Predator Hunters Association and please stay tuned for updates across our homepage!

Good Hunting;